• Welcome
    to Malabrigo Pack

    The time is officially over, today we closed and stopped accepting new subscriptions for this first Malabrigo Pack.

    A big thanks to all the subscribers in our very first edition, for the support and enthusiastic enroll, our team is deeply satisfied with the succes.

    In case you missed it, you might want to stay alert for any news coming forward.

  • Preferred Theme

    With our pack service you have the choice between two themed options. One is Warm, with lighter colors to brighten any room.

    The other is Cool, with softer colors that will make you feel cozy no matter where you are. However, for both options the final color is going to be a surprise and your chosen theme will be reflected in its color shadow.

    You can choose which one you prefer when you are making the order.


We are happy to
announce our new..

Partnering with Knitcrate we are releasing our new subscription service.

When you sign up to this service you become a member of our pack and get access to exclusive yarns, patterns and designs.

Exclusive Materials

When you sign up to the subscription service you become a member of our pack and get access to exclusive yarns, patterns and designs.

Our premier will feature brand new Malabrigo Test Yarns which have not been released anywhere else! These yarns are guaranteed to be unique, exciting, and exclusive for pack members, some may even be made public in the coming year and you’ll have the chance to experience them before anyone else.

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