Test Yarn Pack

$29.50 every 2 months for 6 months with 1 month free trial and a $22.50 sign-up fee

Our first pack is closed now, thank you very much to all subscribers!

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The pack will be comprised of three separate deliveries, each a few months apart to allow time to complete your previous project. Within will be two skeins of yarn and a leaflet outlining the pattern and providing information about the yarn and designer.

Unreleased varieties of our hand-dyed yarns made specifically for exploring the depths of the world of fibers.

These are yarns that we tried and loved, and that may or may not be eventually introduced in full.

Our first pack will feature some brand new Malabrigo Test Yarns which have not been released any where! These yarns are guaranteed to be unique, exciting and exclusive for pack members, some may even be made public in the coming year and you’ll have the chance to experience them before anyone else!

We will be using our classic Superfine Merino and Silk, Cashmere and other luscious fibers and blends we know you’ll love.

The yarn in this Pack will range from Fingering, DK- or Worsted- weights, ideal if you like projects you can really delve your needles into. Patterns will range from Easy to Intermediate featuring designs by Nina Machlin Dayton, Breean Elyse Miller and Mia Rinde.

Every shipment will have a pattern designed specifically with and for these unique yarns. You can also access our closed groups on the social media sites Facebook and Ravelry to engage and help other members of your pack.

Preferred Theme

With our pack service you have the choice between two themed options. One is Warm, with lighter colors to brighten any room.
The other is Cool, with softer colors that will make you feel cozy no matter where you are. However, for both options the final color is going to be a surprise and your chosen theme will be reflected in its color shadow.
You can choose which one you prefer when you are making the order.

Each pack will contain two skeins of a previously unreleased yarn.  We will also release an exclusive pattern for this yarn. We will email you the pattern and subscribers will be able to access it through our members only section.

Returns are only accepted for defective skeins. As a rule we only ship to your PayPal address, contact us if you need to change the shipping address.

You can select between cool and warm colors, please note that you cannot change your selection after the subscription time limit.

Total cost for subscription is $90, shipping not included. This is the complete price for the packs containing two skeins and a pattern code each. You will be charged an initail fee of $22.50 when you order the product. The subsequent three payments of $22.50 will be charged when the packs are being delivered.

Please note that the shipping cost is not included in this price. For the three subsequent payments shipping charges will be added to the price.

Do not order outside the United States: at present, packs can be shipped only to subscribers within the United States.

For the time being we will only be accepting returns in the case of damaged, faulty, or undelivered skeins.

In the case of a change of address or shipping location, inform the team at malabrigo pack two weeks before the shipping date.

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Themed option

Cool colors, Warm colors

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